Climax (1977)

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“Climax” was directed by Francisco Lara Palop in 1977. A video film also published as “Threat in the classroom” that counts in the deal with Pilar Barrera, Annie Belle, Javier Escriva, Ismael Merlo or Silvia Tortosa. The director, born in Tarragona has very good titles to his credit and this is his ninth movie.
Ana is a girl of sixteen years with the same problems as any girl her age, her mother still treats her as if she were a child, asking where it goes and where it comes from, who is that guy and make do what I say that’s why I’m your mother. His father is a politician and the only thing he cares about is that nothing stains his political career, a career spotless every time and good will but his brother is but a child in a little can help. Ane escaping from that world takes refuge in friends from school.
Slowly anger doing Dangerous Liaisons, after leaving a disco class and thanks to his partner Mari Luz aficionara drug use, a night at a political meeting of his father and all the officials present Anna’s brother smoke a joint and star in a scene that will put his father in a bind. Discovering Ana’s parents use drugs that will make the mess in a boarding school for young ladies.
The internship will share room with Veronica and Christina, the latter will become your best friend, site manage it an old lady who does not know anything and a young teacher who is a lesbian, after a problem Ana Cristina escape the internship, they will live together on the floor of a friend, the drug will increase until the girls decide to try something stronger …
Life getting worse anger them to our players, will have to look for bad jobs to get money to get high and this will lead to a kind of pimp trying to prostitution … Very good mix of drama and film the movie “kinki” with drugs and crime of which they became very good titles in this country, a good outcome and a good story with correct actions