La minorenne (1974)

THE PLOT (from IMDB): Suffocated from the strict atmosphere of her high school, Valeria has been experiencing erotic dreams with sadistic motorcyclist rapists, a doctor who decides more than an exam is in order and a torturous priest whipping her in pure delight. After leaving school she finds out that the her bourgeois family setting has something to do with her recurring dreams and suppressed desires. She idealistically seeks out romance and love, but falls short time and time again… So, basically, you’d be watching this for Gloria Guida, don’t expect a cinematic masterpiece, anything especially funny, deep or dramatic, just, some mighty fine T+A from miss Gloria. My god she is fucking hot!

Directed by Silvio Amadio
Starring: Gloria Guida, Rosemarie Dexter, Giacomo Rossi-Stuart.

Date: May 14, 2020