Une glace avec deux boules… (1982)

“Does not really have a plot. More or less a mindless French teenager comedy from the early eighties. At least there is some historic value to that.
Interesting that in French movies from this time there always have been a lot of teengirls running ’round naked. Like here, when (I reckon) 14-year-old Valerie Dumas takes a topless swim in a lake. Naked teenbreasts, summer and no plot – that’s French cinema from this time” – as taken from IMDB

Valérie Dumas  …  Lolo  
 Désirée Nosbusch  …  Vanessa  
 Sarah Siritzky  …  Sarah  
 Daniel Sarky  …  Daniel Dalbret  
 Anne Létourneau  …  Maïté  
 Gérard Ismaël  …  Paul  
 François Maistre  …  François Dalbion  
 Rémi Laurent  …  Bernard  
 Danielle Amerel  …  Julie  
 Olivier De Paris  …  Alain (as Olivier Deparis)  
 Françoise Guillaume  …  Nicole  
 Valérie Kaprisky  …  Marie, l’amie de Vanessa (as Valérie Chérès)  
 Claudette Bonne  …  Brigitte (as Claudette Bonnes)  
 Paul-Clément Devigny  …  Le professeur d’histoire  
 André Chanal  …  Le professeur d’éducation sexuelle