Amanda & the Alien (1995)

Director: Jon Kroll
Studio: Century Group Ltd., IRS Media

Starring: Nicole Eggert, John Diehl, Michael Dorn, Stacy Keach, David Millbern, Dan O’Connor, Raymond D. Turner, Alex Meneses, J. Marvin Campbell, Marcia Moran, Carol-Ann Merrill, Rene Ashton, Michael Bendetti, Edwina Moore, Brett Golov, Richard Speight Jr., Johnny Caruso, Allen Cutler, Chadd Nyerges.

Description: Amanda Patterson, an employee at an upscale clothing store, is leading a relatively lonely and unremarkable life. All this changes when an alien that’s been held in a secret military installation escapes by taking over the body of one of the base employees. Amanda finds the fugitive alien and decides to help him hide from the government agents chasing him, a seemingly easy task, as the alien must change host bodies every few days. Will she be able to help her new companion make a clean getaway?