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Bilitis (1977)

From imdb:
This is the debut film of D. Hamilton, a very well known photographer from the seventies. Contrary to the other commentator I found this a marvelous film, but you have to look at it from a certain perspective. If you look at this film searching for a good script, for profundity of conversation, for strong acting (genre “Cat on a ht tin roof”), this film will not appeal to you. But if you look at it like looking at a Monnet painting, listening to Debussy music or reading M. Proust, in essence, if you drink its simple, uncomplicated impressions, listen to the sublime music, watch the beautiful and stylish shots, enjoy the sensuality in the film without too much looking for sense in everything, the film is truly beautiful. In short: if you look at it like you look at impressionist art, not looking for all sorts of plots and hidden messages, but just to enjoy its simple and straight forward beauty, you will be drawn into a wonderful world and afterwards you’ll be longing to live in that world of flowers, fresh life, warm summer in the country, swimming in the sea, having your first love etc…

From Amazon:
Bilitis (all short vowels) is leaving her boarding school. Although it seems puritanical in some respects, it is quite permissive in others. Bilitis has taken another girl as a lover but must leave her as she leaves school. She is not going with parents, but with a governess of some sort.

Bilitis then runs into a young man she who took pictures at her school and begins to spend time with him. Meanwhile she becomes aware that her governess and her husband do not have the best relationship. She seduces her governess and vows to find her a lover. I am not real clear on the motivations here but in the end Bilitis is not the happiest of campers.

Although meant to be erotic, there is plenty of casual nudity and a couple of understated love scenes. Definitely not for the narrow-minded but very mild overall.

Director: David Hamilton
Patti D’Arbanville … Bilitis
Mona Kristensen … Melissa
Bernard Giraudeau … Lucas
Mathieu Carrière … Mikias
Gilles Kohler … Pierre
Irka Bochenko … Prudence
Jacqueline Fontaine … Head Mistress
Marie-Thérèse Caumont … Sub-Principal
Germaine Delbat … Principal
Madeleine Damien … Nanny
Camille Larivière … Susy
Catherine Leprince … Helen
Jane Buckle … Girl
Sabine … Girl
Mirella Rancelot … Girl (as Mirella)