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Cécile aime ça (1981)

Director:Henri Sala as Ken Warren
Notes:Les Films Gais et en Couleurs, France Continental Films, Les Films du Chevain and Films Robert Beauchamp / France Continental Films; 65 mins.
Alternate Titles
Cécile VCD video title
Sexbesessen West Germany, As-Film, Deutsche Berbeitung WRS~Film, München; Ekstase Video, EX 911, 62 mins.

Starring: Brigitte Verbecq, Laura Clair, Mandragore, Nadine Roussial, Frederique Lafaye
Description: Gerard Glandon an advertiser, fears that his son (Eric) might not be as manly as he would like him to be. He and his wife decide to ask two callgirls (Ingrid and Karen) around for the weekend to take care of their innocent son.
Antoine (business relation to him, lover to her) calls on them followed a bit later by Veronique (Gerard’s lover). Gerard pretends that the two newcomers are lovers to avoid his wife curiosity. The son is initiated by Veronique and everybody gets their share of physical love. Eventually, Antoine and Veronique decide to get married and leave for the Caribbean while Eric, who, discovering his newly-acquired virility, leaves the scene with the two callgirls.