Desire: An Erotic Fantasyplay (1996)

Director: Jan Kroesen, Cheryl Newbrough
Studio: 2t Productions

Starring: Monique Parent, Debra K. Beatty, Anthoni Stewart, Patricia Botello, Sheila Brady, Gary Gerard, Lynne Torgersen, Roger Hammar.

—Desire brings warm, visual imagery and rich, feminine sensuality to a beautiful setting in Northern California. The results are delicious. When the mysterious and precocious friend, Adrienne (Monique Parent) arrives, she begins a journey that will change all three women. Cori (Anthoni Stewart) faces her fear of letting go, embracing passion in a lush, exotic dream, while Fiona (Debora Kay) explores her own rich fantasy life through her intimate diary
—Fiona meets Cory in New Orleans, and the two spend time rubbing in suntan oil on the Gulf Coast. Cory has never been with a woman before, but she moves in with Fiona, not realising that she keeps a sex diary and has a very active life in that area. One day Cory finds the diary and enjoys heating herself up and fantasising while she reads it. She also has very artsy and elusive erotic dreams herself. When Fiona’s masseuse Adrienne arrives, Cory watches them together, and eventually, the three women end up in a threesome

Actors: Monique Parent