Photos scandale (1979)

Alternate Titles
Photo Scandal
Director:Jean-Claude Roy as Patrick Aubin

Juliette and Chris live on blackmailing a big company’s executive manager’s daughters whom they have taken photos of in compromising situations. Their father, Mr Bartok, who enjoys massages provided by a skilled masseuses, hires a private detective who is very keen on women. He soon finds the two blackmailers with help from Elisabeth, one of Bartok’s associate’s daughter. Juliette gets caught but is soon freed thanks to her friend’s influence. The story meets a happy end in a posh brothel.

A last sentence states that Diana (?) dies from trying to cheat on her female boss (Juliette ?) on a spying mission… Which seems a bit puzzling to me, but there’s no other info on that one.

From a review originally published in Cine-films n°4, 1979, translated by Prophilo.

French erotic sensation Brigitte Lahaie stars as Juliette, an ex-prostitute whose twin passions in life are men and money.  When she isn’t indulging in steamy sex sessions, Juliette and her lover Chris plan to blackmail young heiresses by photographing them in highly compromising situations, and their task is abetted when Juliette’s sister Diana — who works as a high-class hooker — gives the couple a list of the daughters of wealthy business men who are looking for a bit of rough.
    So, Chris picks up the posh totty in various nightclubs and it’s back to his place for bedroom shenanigans whilst Juliette takes some highly incriminating and embarrassing photographs and also gets down and dirty with the delectable girls.  Meanwhile, a private detective is hired by on of the wayward wenches’ fathers to track down the blackmailers and soon starts sifting through the sleaze to find the shocking snaps before it’s too late.
If you want steamy sex scenes, a ton of the very finest of sleazy Paris nightspots, burlesque, saucy French lingerie and naked girls playing classical music, then this is the movie for you.  So, enjoy these ‘Scandalous Photos’ in the privacy of your own home and see what develops.