Le Malizie di Venere (Venus in Furs) (1969)

Director: Massimo Dallamano
Cast: : Laura Antonelli, Régis Vallée, Loren Ewing

aka Venere Nuda, Venus in Furs,

Sacher-Masoch swings!

Reviews by Infofreak from Perth, Australia (IMDb)
‘Venus In Furs’ is a surprisingly good movie version of Sacher-Masoch’s erotic classic of obsessive love. Updated to the present, which is obviously the 60s, director Massimo Dallamano (also responsible for the Helmut Berger ‘Dorian Gray’) manages to be quite faithful to the original story, and setting it in swinging Europe works very well. The beautiful Laura Antonelli (Fulci’s ‘The Eroticist’) is well cast as the sensuous Wanda who is urged by her masochistic husband Severin (Regis Vallee) on to greater and greater heights of betrayal and sadistic game playing. Their passionate relationship takes them both to places they never anticipated and the movies final scene is neither predictable nor unsatisfying. This is an above average movie of its type. Fans of Eurosleaze like Franco’s ‘Succubus’ and Berruti’s ‘Killer Nun’ will dig it the most. I enjoyed it a lot.
It was filmed in 1969 for the German market, like Può una morta rivivere per amore? (1969). In 1973 it was released in Italy for the first time and immediately confiscated by the authorities. In 1975 it was released again in Italy after all the sex scenes were cut and replaced with plotless judicial scenes.