Curse of the Cat Woman (1991)

Dripping with raw eroticism and the supernatural, John Leslie’s 1991 release, The Curse of the Catwoman, finds a lusty litter of exhibitionist cat-people (think: werewolves or vampires, but as cats) stalking their prey–and sating their sexual appetites–at an upscale, downtown nightclub. Led by the luscious and lascivious lovely, Raven (their presumed “Supreme”), everything’s going great for the group…until they take in Raven’s “naive” sister, Selena Steele, that is. So goes this exceptional and uber-erotic production from Leslie and VCA that, if it has nine lives, it uses them all in delivering this dirty treat.

Featuring an all-star female cast that includes the likes of Selena Steele, Raven, Racquel Darrian, and more, absolutely every sequence packs a scorching, pornographic punch. Exhibitionist themes abound throughout, the ladies look incredible, and Leslie certainly doesn’t shy away from toeing the line. The result is extraordinary.

Highlights include the opener, which features the super-sexy Ashley Nicole, Jamie Gillis’s girl, first furtively fucking TT Boy on the dance floor with everyone around, and then taking it outside into the alley with Gillis. Of course, Raven and her guy, Rocco Siffredi, interrupt them, and get in on the action. Rocco fully dicks down Ashley in sexy style, and Raven blows Jamie a bit as they watch, before doling out an intentionally dispassionate hand-job…ultimately leaving his jerked-out load on the street. Wow!

Also scorching is the circle jerk (of maybe six or seven guys–the “hyenas” at the club) that the undeniably beautiful Zara Whites finds herself the center of. The dudes whip out their cocks and stroke away, as Whites strips and masturbates in the middle of them with no meaningful contact. Along the way, one guy licks his own dick, and the good times (as brief as they may be) come to a close with ejaculation upon ejaculation on the floor. Freaky, kinky, and intense. Fuck!

Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, with each of the flick’s scenes being inherently strokeworthy (…and then some). A truly dirty and beautiful piece of pornography from the past, this one’s definitely not to be missed. Hands down and dicks up, it’s a winner!