Nana (1970)

This adaptation of Emile Zola’s 19th-century classic novel “Nana,” is about the sexual liaisons of a French courtesan, who is a scrupleless woman keeping many relationships with differen men to enjoy a life of pleasure and luxury. But her lavish life-style brings not only happiness and joy.

An attractive and even humorous performance by the well-proportioned actress Anna Gael. While not particularly pornographic, this film earned an “X” rating for its American release and caused after its premiere in Sweden a tiny scandal: extensive nudity and sexual situations didn’t make the hammy acting in this period drama acceptable to its opening night audience, and they walked out in large numbers early on in the film. I don’t get it, because it has many nostalgic things I want to see when watching a Sixtie-movie: dresses, music, parties, haircuts, furnitures and of course the über-gorgeous, all-natural girls with their swinging 60’s boobs and butts. Man, I probably would have given my left nut to someone if he had been able to transport me into this period for some time.