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Ein lasterhafter Sommer (1982)

This is basically a softcore porn film which lies on the cusp of hardcore. Its dull for most of us who like a bit of style with our sensuality.

At least Gerard Loubeau spent a little dosh on the Marbella location which lifts a film that is otherwise devoid of anything at all. Plenty of jolly locations, sea and swimming pools etc.

There is no plot to speak of, and the guys and gals indulge in various humping activities whenever they can get it. They are by and large not unattractive although the director seems keen on his shaven havens. There is little eroticism and the whole affair is basically mechanical.

If you get the version “Die Heisse Liebe eines Sommers” on Erotic Classics, do be warned that the DVD transfer is dire and impossible to view in the darker sequences.