Dernier été à Tanger (1987)

In 1956, with the independence of Morocco, the Fedala conference in Tangier is set in a city of turmoil.  

AKA Last Summer in Tangiers

Valeria Golino plays a double role in this thrilling crime drama. A woman returns years later to Tangiers in order to track down the thugs responsible for the gangland-style massacre that killed her father. Corrigan (Thierry Lhermitte) is the local detective recruited to find the international crime boss (Roger Hanin). The heroine seduces the kingpin’s son (Vincent Lindon) in order to discover where the killers are hidden then methodically sets out to destroy them.

A seductive thriller set in Tangiers, Dernier été à Tanger (1987) follows Claudia as she sets out to find the person who murdered her father years before. Stunning vistas and heart-stopping intrigue keep the pace flying. Valeria Golino makes the most of her lead role, whether she’s seducing the crime lord’s son or exposing her petite palm-fulls in the bathroom.

Actors: Valeria Golino