Pervertissima (1972)

Director: Jean-Louis van Belle
Studio: Cinevision

Starring: Maelle Pertuzo, Albert Simono, Charles Buhr, Nadia Samir, Jean-Louis van Belle.

—Pervertissima is a bizarre – and possible unique – combination of mondo movie and mad scientist flick. A beautiful woman is hired by a scandal sheet editor to research and write a report on “Love in Paris”. Her quest takes her from a lesbian sauna to a secretive club of masked swingers, via stints as a street walker in a seedy Paris back alley and a strip-tease artist in an upmarket cabaret. Her final outing leads to the clinic of the dangerous Dr Vilard, who aims to create sex robots out of human flesh, and mate them to create a race of superhumans to take over the world!
—Bold and sultry Francoise gets hired by a magazine to lead investigations in the mysterious world of sex. Until she gets caught in the web of sadistic Dr. Vilard, who runs a very strange mental institution.

Actors: Nadia Samir