Private Schoolgirls (1983)

“Shot back to back with Roberta Findlay’s glossy yet routine GLITTER, there seems to be some confusion as to the authorship of this enjoyably silly erotic romp. Though one or two sources have credited the film to “Robert Walters” (a Findlay pseudonym and I’m guessing she was the probable perpetrator), the on screen credit’s for the mysterious yet fairly prolific “J. Angel Martine”, presumably another of Roberta’s noms de porn, first hailed by genre press during the mid-’70s as being a renowned French adult filmmaker ! For once, the IMDb even adds to the mix-up as I don’t know where they got the John Christopher credit from, though the material was certainly up this particular director’s alley. Findlay definitely worked on this movie in the capacity of cinematographer though, delivering her usual professional job on what must have been a meager budget. Tragic Shauna Grant heads the cast, playing a bad girl for once, expelled from one school for making out with sharp-featured Dan Stephens (who had the scene with Rachel Ashley in Chuck Vincent’s couples classic IN LOVE) in the men’s room and therefore enrolled in Ms. Marmelstein’s strict all girls’ academy. The leading lady in her early twenties, she’s still the most youthful looking of the bunch of starlets assembled on this occasion, so you’ll have to suspend disbelief to buy into this particular fantasy. Even harder to swallow might be the part of hot ‘n’ happening rock star Johnny Waylay being played by the insipid Dick Howard, who as “Jeremy Stone” would go on to become Adam Film World’s editor in chief for several years and has been married to such genre goddesses as Kim Carson and Christy Canyon, so I guess I must be missing something. The “girls” trying to raise money to go to the rock concert makes for the plot here and somehow sex always manages to figure into those plans. Tara Aire seduces drama teacher Michael Knight on stage, unwittingly filmed by Sharon Kane who then tries to sell the stuff to porn-producing mob boss Michael Bruce (her then boyfriend and an early industry AIDS casualty) in the film’s funniest scene. Laws are broken even more blatantly by Tish Ambrose’s bungled attempt at theft and platinum blonde Athena Starr (who did the bisexual scene in Mark Reynolds’ otherwise totally gay BEST FRIENDS) selling her favors to retarded janitor Ashley Moore in a surprise sexual standout scene. Veronica Hart has a funny non-sex supporting bit as a very pregnant gym coach. Befitting a star, Shauna gets the bookend scenes (i.e. first and last) though neither are among her or the movie’s best. And what’s with the locations ? A toilet for starters and the school’s utilitarian kitchen for closers ? Did Findlay not like her that much post-GLITTER (where her performance was indeed particularly wooden) and had she decided to punish her somehow ? A final trivia note to support Roberta’s culpability and just to show off really : as Sharon Kane shows the filmed footage to the Maffia Don, it proves padded out with part of the climactic deflowering of Hillary Summers by uncle Ashley Moore from the same director’s JUSTINE : A MATTER OF INNOCENCE.”

Privatschule zur Sexerziehung frühreifer Töchter (German title by Herzog)

Distributor: Caballero Home Video