La nottata (1975)

Director: Tonino Cervi, Boaz Davidson
Studio: Produzioni Atlas Consorziate

Starring: Sara Sperati, Susanna Javicoli, Giancarlo Prete, Max Delys, Giuliana Calandra, Riccardo Berlingeri, Aldo Bonamano, Emilio Locurcio, Francesco Bagagli, Delio Cioni, Luciana Pasin, Elisa Mainardi, Angelo Pellegrino.

Description: Susy and Angela, two open-minded girls from Milan, meet in a restroom where they discover a distracted lady left behind a two-million-dollar ring. They decide to take the ring and sell it with the help of a young taxi driver, Vito, from the south. Vito leads them to a receiver who turns out to be dead, and they end up at the house of a transvestite who sells the ring at a fraudulent price to a jeweler. However, they soon realize that the money has disappeared. They later encounter Marta and Davide, a rich and perverted couple, who involve them in erotic games. They indulge for a while, but eventually Susy and Angela separate after a quarrel. Angela spends the night with Piero, whom they met at the elegant villa of the couple, while Susy decides to leave Milan. In the morning, the two meet again and confess that Angela took the money that was thought to be gone, while Susy managed to steal the ring back from the jeweler.

Alternative Title:
The Long Night