Le bordel, 1ère époque; 1900 (1974)

Alternate Titles
Le Bordel 1900  L.C.J. éditions DVD cover title, original soft version
Le Bordel ou la maison des confidences
Le Bordel ou la maison des perversions sexuelles
La Filosofia nel boudoir Italy
The Infamous House of Madame X
La Maison de la confidence

A big brothel for the rich bourgeoisie at the end of the 19th century in Paris. We see the doctor, the priest, the bourgeois, an anarchist, a black mass, much lesbian love between two very gigglish young girls in uniforms, classy soubrettes, voyeuristic guys, a nice black girl. Meanwhile there is much political talk.

One of the great works of Bénazéraf: nice period setting, good atmosphere; an abundance of different scenes which all show part of the work in a high class bordello on the outskirts of Paris around 1870; exquisite photography, nice dresses, good looking classy women, good acting; should be seen on big screen. It has some actresses who worked before with Bénazéraf. The movie looks very expensive and is a joyous erotic period evocation with some hard core scenes.

The hard version contains no more than 5 minutes of hardcore (possibly taken from a later Bénazéraf film?). These might have been inserted later by Bénazéraf himself as they are well integrated into the story and set in the same luxurious environment. There are many more people in this movie than the names listed.