Caray Con el Divorcio (Hooray for Divorce!) (1982)

Another sex comedy this time from veteran director Juan Bosch, his last film by the way.
Bosch was a good director with some good films film on his credit in the 50’s ans 60’s he also directed some SW including a Sartana.
His Sex comedies were among the best only loosing to Sex Comedies expert Manuel Ozores, any case the ones he directed were always funny, with good rhythm (in a non intelectual way) and lots of sleaze, also with a very Spanish feeling sometimes even more than Ozores .

I must say divorce both in Portugal and Spain was an important issue back in those days, in Portugal was forbidden in most situation until 1974 or something, and in Spain was no better.
Knowing this helps to understand this one better. our hero (Fernando estejo) nout suited for married life, so got not one but two mistresses who he promisses to marry as soon as the new Spanish divorce law cames out, of course from here things get a bit complicated to our man, who among other things as to paly the lunatic to escape teh fury of the women in his life, will he make it.
Yhe good thing about these flicks is that you don’t need to be no Brad Pitt to score all those gourgeous babes, if a guy like Esteso can do it so can we.