En brazos de la mujer madura (1997)

From Amazon.com – ANDRÉS is an adolescent forced into manhood by two important events; the Spanish Civil war, which separates him from his mother and takes him to the front in search of her, and a very elegant roll in the hay with a charming and highly seductive COUNTESS (Faye Dunaway), shortly after his arrival there. Thus begins Andrés own personal battle with the female sex, a battle which will last far longer than the military hostilities between Republicans (with whom Andres fights) and Fascist which tear him apart from his mother only to throw him into the arms of a series of mature lovers who between them will guide him through the minefield and adult life. Andrés is given a chance to follow up on his erotic and sentimental adventure with the Countess when his Sergeant sends him home from the trenches, the execution of two prisoners being too much for the young man to bear. Having no home to go to, however, Andrés is sent to the Sergeant’s house in Barcelona where JULIA (Ingrid Rubio), the Sergeant’s stunning daughter, will carry out her very own kind of blitzkrieg on Andrés’ senses.