Taxi Girls (1979)

A sexy hooker comes up with a plan to operate her own taxi service for her fellow streetwalkers as a safe way to make easy money, with their male customers.

Think of a funny sex comedy, and then make the sex scenes hardcore, and funny,  
(most of the time) Theres a rape scene at the end thats not for the weak, but
…lets just say payback is a hoe.

Scene 1. Chris Landau, Candida Royalle, Nancy Suiter, Pat Manning, Mitch Morrill Scene 2. Hillary Summers, Nancy Hoffman Scene 3. Stacy Goldman, George Mitchell Scene 4. Nancy Suiter, Unknown Male 5505-C Scene 5. Nancy Suiter, Unknown Male 5505-F Scene 6. Nancy Suiter, Alan B. Colberg Scene 7. Aubrey Nichols, Chris Landau, Nancy Suiter, Serena, Stacy Goldman, Mike Ranger Scene 8. Stacy Goldman, Unknown Male 5505-G Scene 9. Aubrey Nichols, Chris Landau, Nancy Suiter, Stacy Goldman, John Seeman Scene 10. Aubrey Nichols, Chris Landau, Nancy Suiter, Stacy Goldman, R.J. Reynolds Scene 11. Rhonda Jo Petty, Turk Lyon Scene 12. Nancy Suiter, John Holmes Scene 13. Stacy Goldman, Unknown Female 5505, guy Scene 14. inflatable doll, Bill Stanley Scene 15. Serena, Bud Wise, Jamie Gillis Scene 16. Nancy Suiter, Serena, Bud Wise, Jamie Gillis, Mike Ranger, Rick Lutze