Desenfrenos carnales (1982)

Synopsis: Elena, a liberated young woman, lives with her (more than) friend Lucy and with Julia, who was the wife of her protector, the late Patricio, who, before dying, left Elena a letter notifying her that she is the beneficiary of a succulent insurance policy. Julia and the one who was her lover and her pimp, Silverio, alias “El Pichón”, intend to keep all the money.

Comments: We already have him back or manman attacks again, and he does it with a softcore from the eighties directed by Miguel Iglesias. He does not deceive anyone who will download it will find what he is looking for. Well, that boobs, asses, a glancing penis, lesbian scenes, heterosexual etc … and all that with a rather absurd argument, it turns out that young lesbians and virgins are raped by two neighborhood pimps in a tennis club; Although it hurts, they like it and they become lovers of them precisely to help them in the main plot of the film …

The actresses all specialized in this type of movie, I don’t know any of them very well. Among the best known actors is Emilio Linder who, although a specialist, also appeared in