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Adam and 6 Eves (1962)

A man named Adam searches for a treasure of gold he’s obsessed with and, after days in the desert with his trusted donkey, encounters six gorgeous nudies inhabiting an oasis. Adam sends his donkey to bed when it’s midnight on the oasis and has a grand old time. With Randy Brent, Gabrielle Bennett.

Like most Nudie-Cuties, Adam and 6 Eves can have its entire running time summed up in a single sentence: a man searching the desert for buried treasure stumbles onto an oasis populated by six naked gals. But Nudie-Cuties weren’t about plots; they were about women as naked as the law would allow. And those women were meant to be stared at, and re-stared at, and stared at once again for the duration of the film’s running time, slight plot or not. And Adam and 6 Eves gives any viewer the eyeful they were hoping for. Six eyefuls, in fact.

“Man, oh, man, what a fiasco this little jaunt has turned out to be! Just imagine, me, Smiley, the most experienced desert donkey alive, and here I am teamed up with a jackass,” says the film’s narrator, “Smiley the Donkey,” who owns the dubious distinction of being the only donkey to ever star in a skinflick (and takes the concept of tits and ass a bit too literally). The donkey and his pudgy pal Adam (RANDY BRENT) accidentally walk straight into a lush oasis occupied by five gorgeous bare-breasted girls. (“No, no, things like this just don’t happen!”) The girls, dressed in the headgear of harem girls (and called “jungle natives” by the donkey) don’t speak English. Nor is there any explanation of what they’re doing there. None of which matters, of course, since all five are beautiful pin-up models who look absolutely perfect, especially with their incredibly healthy boobs on display.

Despite Adam finding a Garden of Eden (“A forest full of beautiful native girls and no competition!”), he notices the girls are wearing bracelets and necklaces made of gold, and searches the oasis for the treasure. But the girls’ dancing and bathing and giggling and lounging around bare-assed keep distracting him. And us. They even spin on their own oasis turntable, glide past us on revolving tree branches like mini-parade floats, and bounce up and down on an oasis seesaw!

A sixth “Eve,” first seen pretending to be a grape tree, is “a witch” with a great body but a long pointy nose. Oddly enough, she’s the only one sympathetic to Adam, and while the others do everything they can to prevent him from finding the treasure, she shows him just where it is. Maybe….

All of which was originally shot in 3D but never released that way. Yup, Adam and 6 Eves was shot in Natural Vision (dual 35mm) 3D in 1960, but by the time it hit theaters in 1962, it was only shown “flat.” (The leader of the 35mm theatrical print we transferred this from is labeled “Right Eye.”) Although there aren’t a lot of obvious 3D gimmicks – except, of course, bare breasts, which one can argue are the greatest 3D gimmicks of all – virtually all the shots have a depth-like feel to them. In fact, given that the entire oasis was photographed on a small but colorful soundstage, the whole film resembles one of those old View-Master 3D reels in layout and design. Even the ads for it back in 1962 still retained the 3D-ish tagline: “The Six Eves Join You in the Audience!” 3D or not, this is one of the better ones, boys.