Ridskolan 2: Sexskolan (2003)

AKA The Riding School 2

Do you remember the Bock family? The immoral stud family who saved their farm by organising a sinful riding camp. Now they’ve run out of money again – and it’s going to take some pleasurable vigour to save the farm from the bailiffs. While Samuel and Berit go to the big city to find financiers, their daughter Frida opens a brothel together with all the riding girls…Get a taste of the innocent riding girls’ transformation into wild sex maniacs! See Sheikh Omar Bin-Anaalen in incredible group sex. Experience the moral decay of the Bible inspector! Be shocked by the very long ‘arm’ of the law! Laugh at all the craziness! And get very, very excited by all the great sex scenes!

Starring: Angel Long, Aya Nielsen, Diana Denice, Hanna Ekelund, Jessica Babe, Kelly Kat, Liselot, Lotta Pettersson, Lucika Devil, Nikki Dane, Pirya Thai, Tracey Lain.

Actors: Aya Nielsen / Liselot