Amore e morte nel giardino degli dei (1972)

Director: Sauro Scavolini
Studio: Hermann Film, Lido Cinematografica, Rewind Film

Starring: Peter Lee Lawrence, Erika Blanc, Ezio Marano, Orchidea de Santis, Rosario Borelli, Franz von Treuberg, Vittorio Duse, Bruno Boschetti, Carla Mancini.

—Taken possession of an old “villa”, a German ornithologist casually discovers some old tapes on which a psychologist has recorded the mysterious doings happened into those isolated walls. So he learns about a gloomy story of incestuous loves and trivial betrayals that will lead to a bloodbath orchestrated by an unexpected crazy character. A love drama disguised in a “giallo” movie that moves too much slowly; but has the regard to show a beautiful and skilled Erica Blank and an intense Peter Lee Lawrence. Romano Scavolini pays much attention in directing the cast and orchestrating the shot, but seems to forget completely the pacing, transforming an otherwise interesting story in a soporific black fable, which hardly someone can go thoroughly.