Freiheit für die Liebe (Freedom to Love) (1969)

Eberhardt Kronhausen
Phyllis Kronhausen
Eberhardt Kronhausen (writer)
Phyllis Kronhausen (writer)

SYNOPSIS: 1968, Germany is experiencing a cultural and political change as they witness the American hippie movement and “free love.”  Freiheit für die Liebe (Freedom to Love) is a sexual education film for German couples who wish to become more intimate with each other and for families to have more open discussions about sexual education.

A box office hit all over Germany, Freiheit für die Liebe can be compared to Sweden’s Karleken sprak for it’s portrayal of intimate situations and valuable discussions by some of Germany’s most influential doctors.  Get an up-close and campy look at sexual health in Germany and enjoy your Freiheit für die Liebe!

EDITORIAL REVIEW: Think Spielen wir Liebe meets Will McBride’s pictorial book Show Me meets Karlekens sprak and you should have a pretty good idea of what this campy film is about!

In the late 1960’s Germany produced a series of Sexual Education documentaries to help young couples ease into the free love movement experienced by many of their American counterparts.  This is the first part of many.  The Freiheit für die Liebe plot line features couples of all ages, both gay and straight, and their “troubles” with becoming intimate for a variety of reasons.  Every so often they meet with a therapist who inevitably helps them overcome their problems or fears and “live happily ever after”, both in bed and out of it!  There’s even a tour inside a sex toy museum where the entire family drops by!  Yes, bizarre indeed.  Hugh Hefner even makes a cameo appearance in this one.