Il labirinto dei sensi (1994)

Quote:32 year-old Valerie, a maid of French descent, comes to work for a rich but modern family who have rubber plantation in Saigon of the 1930s/40s. She is beautiful and is able to make a favorable impression on everyone she meets.Her arrival in the Chang Sun household soon sees the old house becoming comfortable, welcoming and having an altogether more relaxed atmosphere. Soon everyone in the house lives by her rules and she freely proves she is a sensual lover with the entire household. She succeeds in entrapping an entire family in her sensual life. One by one, she seduces all the members of the family: Chang Sun, the grandpa who is 60-year-old and widower for 20 years and incredibly rich and struck by her perverse charm, his married son, Mr Shaar and Mia, his wife, Pierre, their young gay son with his friend from university. She marries the grandfather and goes on holiday with him.


Joe D’Amato