The Sinful Pleasures of Reverend Star (1977)

Director: Charles Webb, Carlos DeSantos (as Chuck Angel)
Studio: After Hours Cinema

Starring: Dashile Miguele, Desiree West, Herbert Wong, Jeff Lyle, John Seeman, Ken Scudder, Kristine Heller, Laura Bourbon, Melba Bruce, Paul Thomas, Peter Johns, Veronica Taylor, Vicky Lindsay, Yvonne Green.

Description: Employing a strange, hypnotic amulet, male members of Reverend Starr’s cabal lure woman into erotic encounters, sometimes stages in elaborate ceremonies inside the origination’s lair. In the hopes of discovering the source of Starr’s mysterious power, a police detective and his female sidekick attempt to infiltrate the group’s inner circle. Naturally, his sexy sidekick winds up ensnared in the cult’s clutches, but the op manages ti the Reverend for the charlatan he really is.