Privè (2002)

Director: Bruno Mattei
Studio: La Perla Nera

Starring: Dana Ceci, Danilo Quintilli, Hugo Baret, Claudia Taylor, Roberto Verocchi, Pino Piggianelli, Emanuela D’Alterio, Mak Bardaro, Dafne Garcia Sanchez, Maura Iurisci, Debora Cui, Claudia D’Ippolito, Cristiano Vidal, Mario Morano, Bruno Cavalier, Danka Florainova, Diego D’Orfeo, Marzia Tedeschi, Wilma Paizzon, Mario Mattiuzzo, Valentina Vizza, Antonino Di Beila, Maria Palmisano, Cinzia Colaizzi
Description: Francesca (Dana Ceci), a wealthy lady can not sexually satisfied with her husband, Massimo (Danilo Quintilli). She starts acting in porn movies through a friend of hers, Michele (Roberto Verocchi) and gets a double identity. She falls in love with a porn actor, Bingo (Hugo Baret) and soon things goes out of it turns out that she is attracted to uninhibited sex and can’t stop that

AKA The Other Woman

More skinemax-level softcore from Bruno Mattei: a wife unhappy with her
sex life gets sucked in to the underground world of porn. Will this
lead to better sex, heart break, or just a lot of shots to the face?

Along the lines of Mattei’s Belle de Morire, tons of nudity and awkward