Fuga dall’Albania (1998)

Director: Mario Salieri
Studio: Mario Salieri Entertainment Group

Starring: Zenza Raggi, Monica Roccaforte, Francesco Malcom, Valentino, Philippe Dean, Karen Lancaume, Eva Falk, Fovea, Chipy Marlow, Coralie, Carmen Moore, Geraldine, Reinhardt, Walter Midolo, Caterina Lievacic, Eva Mercedes, Marina Hardiman, Dana Wuber, Mary Sander, Helen Mastovic, Tanita, Ennio Teodori, Luigi Santi, David Southerman, Franco Linotti, Antonella Strati, Maurizio Lembo
—“Escape From Albania” is a big budgeted, international adult film that boldly probes its sexually and politically provocative themes. Featuring high production value and an extraordinary European cast, this film really delivers on its promise to stroke the passions of both mind and libido.
The story begins in Albania where the heroine, Helen, suffers the abuse of her father, a former member of the Albanian Communist Militia. Troubling and extreme events in her life soon cause Helen to flee her homeland for Florence, Italy where she meets up with her friend Sylvia who works as a maid for a wealthy family. She soon learns that her boyfriend in Albania has been arrested for killing her cruel father. Though at first desperate to return home to help, Helen soon forgets her boyfriend’s plight as she is seduced into a wicked life of vice and perversion by the wealthy family with whom she is staying. Helen finds herself spinning out of control in a frenzied cinematic vortex of sex, beer and manipulation. Helen does eventually return home to Albania, but only to discover there, her own erotic destiny.
—In Albania, a woman abused by her communist father decides to escape to Florence, Italy where her friend finds her work as maid for a perverse rich family. Meanwhile, her boyfriend is arrested in Albania and needs her help

Alternate Titles
Le Calvaire de Monica Colmax
Escape from Albania DVD Brave
La Fuga de Albania Spain
Gestrandete Seelen Goldlight
Monica France