Der Kurpfuscher und seine fixen Töchter (1980)

Director:  Franz Marischka

Peter Steiner … Josef Brezenbichler (as Peter Saubär)
Fred Stillkrauth … Adolf Schober
Ursula Buchfellner … Petra (as Uschi Buchfellner)
Alena Penz … Nicole
Sibylle Rauch … Antje
Toni Netzle … Fräulein Rosi Schnudelhuber
Rosl Mayr … Mutter des Bürgermeisters
Josef Moosholzer … Bürgermeister

DER KURPFUSCHER UND SEINE FIXEN TÖCHTER (AKA KURPFUSCHER UND SEINE HÜBSCHEN TÖCHTER; QUACK QUICK DAUGHTERS) is yet another lederhosen sex comedy. Arriving in an alpine village a crook is mistaken for a recently deceased doctor and decides to impersonate him. Three girls stranded in the same village are sheltered by the “doctor” and naked German hilarity inevitably ensues.

The interwebs has scant information about this one, but one site offered this insight into the film’s complex and arduous casting process:

“Ursula Buchfellner was double Playmate (for both german and for american edition), Sibylle had extremly well paid porn career in late 1980’s and Alena Penz (the short one) is from Czech Republic (Alena Penzova).”