La chiave (1983)

AKA The Key

Husband and wife Nino and Teresa attempt to revive their sex lives by each writing their most intimate fantasies in separate diaries. A series of resulting sexual adventures liberates them from their tired routines, but at a great cost to Nino, who is 18 years older than his wife. A comment This erotic outing by Tinto Brass (CALIGULA) is based on the novel by Junichiro Tanizaki  A beautifully strange, quirky, erotic well-filmed movie which has incredible attention to detail and then lets itself down in comic moments. Tinto Brass has certain talents and one of them is truly capturing an era, another is appreciating the difference between erotic and pornographic films.

This is erotic and it features some extremely good acting (Frank Finlay is superb and the female lead is stunningly beautiful). As in all his films, Brass allows his own fetish’s to come to the fore every now and then which, in my opinion are slightly too ‘earthy’!. If not for that, it would be a real ‘watch with your wife/girlfriend’ film. Despite that, the attention to detail, the cinematography, acting, lighting, story-line, eroticism, location and authentisity of the costumes/dress make this a wonderful example of a rare genre and very watchable indeed.