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Para las nenas, leche calentita (1986)

Here’s “Para las nenas, leche calentita”, a mega-rare porno directed by “Candy Coster” (a.k.a Lina Romay) and Jess Franco. The file is created from the swedish video release on the Videodeboten label, which is the only release in the world as far as I know, which should give you an indication of how obscure this film is. [BRAG]I own the only known copy of the VHS original[/BRAG].

As for the film, it’s a very minor Franco in his silliest slapstick mode. The silly dialouge almost makes it endurable. As a porno it’s a complete failure with mostly ugly performers, bad sex and half-limp dicks.

After the film follows and hour or so of bonus porno clips, mostly from El ojete de Lulu. The clip from the sex club could be from the “lost” Franco pornos El chupete de Lulu or Las chuponas!

Anyway, “enjoy!”