Mating Season (1984)

Director: Jourdan Alexander (as Jack Jackson), Damon Christian

Starring: Eric Edwards, Pamela Jennings, Marc Wallice, Gina Carrera, Renee Tiffany, Ric Lutze
Description: We hear the birds, a mountain stream and the squeals of delight as David and Marge who, having arrived early at the weekend retreat, are enjoying a nooner in the meadow. Larry and Hope, their next door neighbors back home, are on the road, and as usual, late, arguing about Hope’s insatiable sexual appetite and Larry’s minesterial position on the matter. It is expected that Tim will arrive with his wife Vicky – and here he comes 4-wheeling it over the mountain road (lost) while his secretary (Robin) is polishing his knob. Tim has left his wife and, without asking his friends, invited his “date” to the usually private and intimate hillside holiday. There you have it – 3 couples just like yourself or your neighbor, about to embark on an adventure of real life fantasies that will change their lives forever! Everyone has these fantasies and they really do happen. You see, my name is Tim, and I can tell you that when they do it’s: MATING SEASON