La visita del vicio (1978)

Director: Jose Ramon Larraz
Studio: Jose Frade Producciones Cinematograficas S.A.

Starring: Patricia Granada, Lidia Zuazo, Rafael Machado, David Thomson, Lea Candle, Daisy Jules, Claude Bellot, Montserrat Julio, Patricia Lorne, Enrique Montserrat.

Description: A superstitious, illiterate young gypsy servant girl comes to live with a solitary female artist at her country chateau. The girl has recurring nightmares of a naked man on horseback assaulting and abusing her. As the artist takes the girl under her wing, an sensuous relationship develops between them. At the same time, the naked horseman begins to appear in reality. The girl, convinced that he represents her doom, resists him; but the artist is intrigued and a bizarre erotic triangle is established.AKA The Coming of Sin.

Actors: Lidia Zuazo