La Chiave più lunga (1984)

Director:Arduino Sacco as Dudy Steel
Notes:67 mins. Video – Splendor Cinematografica SC504.

Actresses: Carlotta as Paolette or Rea Rey, in final orgy scene

Sandra Sesal as Sandra Tim, plays Liù (in a black wig most of the time)

Credits: Sandra Tim, Don Tim, Paolette, Rea Rey, Gabriel Loter (sic). (Gabriel Lotar does not appear.) The names Paolette and Rea Rey could refer to the pre-op trans-sexual and Carlotta (or the other way round).

Males –

  • Don Tim
  • Samuel Gamuel, uncredited
  • Piero Pieri, uncredited
Actors: Rea Rey / Sandra Sesal