Ça glisse par les deux trous (1980)

Alternate Titles
Ganz private Patientinnen Germany, CD Film Happy Video Spielfilm 9007, 75 mins.
La Grande jouissance Video title

Nadine Roussial is in bed with Pjotr Stanislas. She gets out of bed to masturbate in a sunken bath. When she returns, Elodie Delage has appeared from who knows where and is giving Stanislas a blowjob. Roussial joins in and there is a threesome.

Next morning Roussial goes to work. She seems to be the assistant of a sex therapist (Gatteau), or maybe she’s a patient, but since she appears in some of the following scenes, an assistant seems more likely. Anyway, they watch a hardcore video and she has sex with Gatteau in his office.

The first client is Laura Clair, who has disguised herself with a headscarf. She complains that her husband is perverted. From the course of the treatment which follows, it seems that her husband wants her to give him oral sex. After the usual video, Gatteau shows her how and then has full sex with her.

This is intercut with an argument between a married couple – Richard Lemieuvre and Nicole Segaud. They become Gatteau’s next patients. They arrive together but the treatment follows a similar course.

They leave and Jane Baker arrives. Her interest (problem?) seems to be masturbation, but Gatteau soon moves her on to other things.

The next patient to get the treatment is Sophie Guers. A variation here is that it begins with lesbian sex with Roussial before moving on to a threesome. On the way out she bumps into an acquaintance, Alban Ceray. His treatment (for impotence) is also begun by Roussial and the problem is soon cured. Then the previous patients begin to arrive and join in to create the usual final orgy.