Bettkanonen (1973)


As these things often are, Swinging Swappers is a series of vignettes, each telling the story of a different woman. The framing story has two smug bastards sitting at a bar, with one of the bastards telling stories about the sordid pasts of several local high society ladies. We have a story about typist hired by her boss to seduce his virginal son on his yacht (right…) Another involves a woman kidnapped during a bank robbery who uses her womanly wiles to turn the robbers against each other.
The last and most baffling story involves a wealthy foreign diamond merchant (i.e. some Eastern European dude wearing a fez and fake mustache) who wants a bed a fellow guest at his hotel, a red-headed baroness. A chambermaid dyes her hair red and impersonates the baroness, since she just happens to look exactly like her.
Not the worst German sex comedy. There are some attempts at drama in between the boobs. It’s rather misogynistic theme of women sleeping their way to societal prominence and wealth is certainly dated.