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Sexual Aberration (Sesso perverso) (1979)

They say, love is a many splendored thing… and the fact of the matter has never been proven more entertainingly than in Libido mania. Bruno Mattei, Italy’s acclaimed master of the obscene, promises “sexual aberrations” galore and delivers them in explicit detail in this ultra-rare mondo shocker, slapping his unprepared audience with an onslaught of such colorful perversities that even the mere act of listing them gave the film its notorious reputation. Deservedly so – Libido Mania is pure rock’n’roll! Beware, however: You might see your sex partner in a different light afterwards…

The nausea of necrophilia. The dilemma of dildos. The sexiness of sadism. The truth about transsexuals. And the karma of coprophagia. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride into the darkest corners of human affection/affliction! Sigmund Freud meets the Marquis de Sade: firmly anchored to the moral code of its scientific approach (of course!), this film goes all the way to document the unspeakable in the most uninhibited fashion imaginable.

Date: May 9, 2020