Marito celibe … moglie nubile (1982)

Alternate Titles
La Femme qui inventa l’amour Visa no. appears to be 13329, perhaps 43329
Marito celibe … moglie nubile DVD available Italy, Shendene
Die Superbumser
Superagente del amor Spain

The film opens with Martine (Uschi Karnat) trying to interest her husband with a blow-job, but he is more interested in the boiled egg he is eating. Hubby drives off to work and Martine gets on the phone to complain about Christopher to a brunette friend, Laura (XNK0814), who is having sex at the time.

Martine has breakfast with Susanne (XNK0815), her blonde daughter. Susanne leaves and Uschi spots a gardener and beckons him inside to have sex with her.

Martine, Laura and Susanne have a meal together and Laura tells a story of how she seduced a repairman. After a cut to see what’s going on at her husband’s office (sex with his secretary, a curly-haired brunette, XNK0816) Martine then tells a story of how a blonde (XNK0817) is having sex with a doctor while Martine is in the waiting room. When she goes in she demands the same treatment. The peeping Tom has bribed the receptionist (XNK0818) to let him place a stethoscope against the door.

Later Martine and her husband are having a glass of wine together and hubby gets amorous. They are interrupted by a phone call after which Martine freezes him out. He goes off and drives to the red-light district and employs a brunette hooker (XNK0819).

Next day Martine picks up a hitch-hiker and drives him into the country where they have sex by the car, again spied on by the peeping Tom who must have superhuman powers to be in the right place at the right time using only a bicycle.

Then Martine nearly catches hubby in the act with his secretary (XNK0952), but doesn’t seem to mind.

Martine goes jogging with a male friend. They pass a brunette (XNK0662) having sex with a man in a field. The peeping Tom spies from the gate as Martine and her friend stop to watch and then get down to it themselves. But a policewoman (XNK0820) catches the peeping Tom and demands that he service her.

The husband then visits a (female) private detective (XNK0821) and it is revealed he has employed the agency to spy on his wife. Martine visits a woman (XNK0822) for a lesbian session, spied on again. Then goes to a deserted factory to play the dominatrix with a masked man and finally attends an orgy with a group of hippies with painted faces (XNK0823 and XNK0824).

After his visit at the detective agency, the husband then goes home and he and Martine are reconciled in a very physical way.