Unter den Dächern von St. Pauli (1970)

Director: Alfred Weidenmann
Studio: Reginald Puhl Filmproduktion

Starring: Jean-Claude Pascal, Janie Murray, Joseph Offenbach, Werner Peters, Charles Regnier, Alfred Schieske, Walter Bluhm, Ralf Schermuly, Gernot Endemann, Kathrin Ackermann, Manfred Seipold, Inger Zielke, Bernd Redecker, Christa Siems, Rene Durand, Horst Hesslein, Helge Grau, Hans Waldherr, Lova Moor, Alena Penz.

Description: Under the roofs of St. Pauli, the “most sinful” district of Hamburg, that means, at least in this film, 24 hours a day excitement and sex for sale, murder and manslaughter. For example, there is young Harry who wants to avenge the violent death of his wife Maria. He knows that the shady “businessman” Hausach, a bad and powerful guy from Hamburg’s red-light district, is responsible for Maria’s death, even if the trial against him ended in acquittal – due to a false alibi. Harry’s brother Willi, who works as a police officer at the famous Davidwache , does his utmost to save Harry from making a terrible mistake. Harry, laughed at by Hausach as a coward, finally becomes the undoing of the brawny gangster king of St. Pauli.
The second case concerns the elegant businessman Pasucha, who cannot come to terms with the separation from his wife, who works as a striptease dancer in the “world’s most sinful mile”, and therefore takes up arms. In a fit of jealousy, he shoots her. The student Inge, who actually wanted to start as a cleaning help for Mrs. Pasucha, finds her corpse and unfortunately falls into the hands of the wife’s murderer, who takes the young girl hostage. Pasucha tries to escape; when he doesn’t know what to do anymore, he kills himself.
Egon Mills, a down-to-earth and conservative civil servant through and through, traveled to Hamburg from tranquil Flensburg. There, his 17-year-old daughter has fallen into a swamp of “immorality” and prostitution, from which Father Mills wants to free her at any cost. He finds Agnes in a red-light establishment where René Durand, as a choreographer, trains the girls on the barre. When Father Mills learns about the earning potential of his daughter, he changes his mind and soon finds that Agnes’ job is less objectionable.
In the fourth case study, a group of Lübeck high school graduates want to replace their old teacher, Studienrat Dr. Play a sneaky prank on Himboldt. Himboldt is a drummer of the old school, he insists on manners, decency and morals and, in his outdated and old-fashioned petty bourgeoisie, comes across as stuffy and old-fashioned to young people in a provocative way. By playing him Verena, a middle-aged prostitute, they want to put him and his moral concepts to the test. After the old man and the blonde have left the bed, the Himboldt-Eleven, led by the senior Herzberg, begin to pressurize and blackmail their teacher with his “misconduct”.

Actors: Alena Penz