Mia moglie, un corpo per l’amore (1973)

A successful businessman, Paolo, has a beautiful wife named Simona whom he profoundly loves in his own way. But he isn’t and can’t be happy because Simona is the nymphomaniac who is busy with extramarital intercourse, and Paolo sometimes dreams of killing her. And now a young man named Marco interferes their (or better to say, his) married life, and the three cumulatively begin to think how to eliminate one’s own obstacle… This is rather small-scaled but unique Giallo film. It is unique mainly because its leading figure is a nymphomaniac whom Antonella Murgia characteristically plays. And the most impressive element this film has is nothing but the Giorgio Gaslini’s unforgettable music which adequately expresses the sexual tensions between the heroine and her men, and beautifully colours and heightens the film’s psychological dimension. Overall, this film is neither particularly excellent nor violent but still above-average Giallo which has the uniqueness, and seems to be suitable at least for the die-hard Giallo lover like me.