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Kamasutra (1997)

D’Amato chronicles a few days in the life of a couple discovering a new dimension of sex in Asia…and successfully weirds the unsuspecting average XXX viewer out as some guy in a monster mask appears and does a half-assed rape scene on the wife (Kelly Trump).
The next day. As the couple starts visiting a local brothel, some lesbian sex is obscured by dangling objects in front of the camera, and some other couple performs for the married couple, leaning back and watching. There follows some DP and anal action as the director seems to become increasingly disinterested in the picture.

D’Amato loved the orient, especially China and Japan. For this one, he set the plot in China and used a handful of good-looking women from Korea, South America and the like to create an exotic ambience.

Actors: Kelly Trump / Tatiana