Nøglehullet (1974)

Sex-comedy about a young photographer [Soren] who is given the task of writing a screenplay about ordinary people’s sex life.  A well-known film producer Per Hansen gives the young Soren an assignment to shoot a realistic porn film. Unfortunately, Hansen does not know that Soren is friends with his 17 year old daughter who wants to be part of the project. And she is anything but an innocent little lamb. This film features the lovely Marie Ekorre who was the Penthouse Pet of the Month for March 1974. She had a short but memorable career in Swedish cinema during the 1970’s. This film contains three scenes of unsimulated sex the rest is softcore. Paul Gerber worked as A/D on Alex de Renzy’s A History of the Blue Movie (1970 and directed five adult exploitation films in Sweden.

Quote:Self-reflexive porn (about the making of porn) is an important area of the industry, but American filmmaker Paul Gerber in one of his Scandinavian entries MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER, ruins the chance to come up with something after establishing a workable premise. Result is an adequately sexy time-killer.
Marie Ekkore is attractive heroine Mette, whose cheesecake photographer boyfriend Soren gets a gig from her dad (who doesn’t know about his offspring’s relationship with Soren) to write and direct a different kind of porn film. The assignment is to write “something believable, about real life”, a challenge in the face of the hokey nature of virtually all porn. Dad and his partner Jens have script approval. Mette and Soren dive into the project, determined to make a go of it. She decides that they model the script on real, “ordinary” people, including her parents and Jens, so they spy on them and adapt their peccadilloes to the screenplay. Punchline is that daddy & Jens reject the script, finding it totally “unbelievable”, not recognizing any of their own antics which we’ve just watched. At this point the director stupidly gives us a “highlights” montage and ends the film just as pointlessly as the porn he has been implicitly criticizing from the outset. One big plus is that most of the cast, with the odd exception of Jens’ sexy secretary Lone, is dubbed into English with thick Scandi accents, rather than the usual anonymous voices, retaining some of the flavor of the original. Director remains a mystery, revered for a couple of classic films like SCHOOL GIRL and LIZ, but hardly worthy of the transatlantic genius mantle achieved by Joe Sarno, who also balanced New York and Scandi projects effortlessly.
For the second time recently, I found in this film a demonstration of the truism regarding the erotic superiority of softcore to hardcore in its massage parlor scenes, where a handjob, fingering or merely oiling proves far more stimulating than the tedious “in & out” footage required by the XXX genre.

Alternate Titles
The Keyhole 1977, USA
My Teenage Daughter USA, some fake credits, including director Donald Dillingham
Nyckelhålet 1975, Sweden