Les Fruits de la passion (1981)

Klaus Kinski , Isabelle Illiers , Arielle Dombasle , Pîtâ

The story takes place in Shanghai. A girl loves a rich and much older man (played by Kinski). She is willing to do everything he wants to show her love, but he is playing a sick game with her. As part of this game he sends her to a Chinese brothel. A poor young boy sees her and falls in love with her. To get the money needed to sleep with her, he joins “the revolution”. Additionally the movie shows the fate of some of the other prostitutes.

Klaus Kinski stars as Sir Stephen in ’Fruits of Passion’, which is also known as ’The Story of O Continued’. The film concerns O (Isabelle Illiers) going to China and becoming a slave at a brothel. She and Sir Stephen feel that if she can pleasure many men, that she will love Sir Stephen even more. (What?!) In the meantime, Sir Stephen is seeing another woman (played by Arielle Dombasle) and they talk of returning to France without O. O is subjected to many cruelties in the brothel, but comes to befriend some of the other employees. Will O become strong enough to leave Sir Stephen and his unique ways?

’Fruits of Passion’ is many things, but it’s never dull. The film offers a great deal of melodrama in its situations and performances. Also, it offers many scenes of bizarre sexuality. The film was shot in what appears to be Hong Kong (but it’s in French, go figure), and shows many of the city’s locations. Illiers is very good as O, and of course, Kinski is scary as hell. Do I really need to see Klaus Kinski naked? ’Fruits of Passion’ will be the perfect appetizer for those who are looking for a softcore film that offers something a little different.