Emily (1976)

In England in the 1920s, Emily, a maturing daughter of a once wealthy family arrives at their family estate to visit her mother for a couple of days. She wants to lose her virginity and there’s more than enough opportunity for that. Her attractive lonely older mother is having a secret sexual relationship with a smug lusty older rich man who pays for her debts in return. He has his eye on Emily too. Their next door neighbor is a beautiful married middle-aged artist who offers Emily to pose for her. Emily is intrigued by the woman and a mutual erotic seduction between the two begins. However, in Emily’s mind this is just a friendly exploration between two girls and doesn’t count as losing one’s virginity. Another candidate for that task is a young adventurous American about the same age as her who’s visiting the old country. The maid has a lover as well, a soldier, who also wouldn’t mind helping Emily with her quest. She eventually realizes how much lust these people hide in them and becomes disillusioned and overwhelmed with the fact. This causes her to make her final choice for better or worse.

Quote:The British “Emmanuelle”
lazarillo11 June 2007
This is kind of a British version of “Emmanuelle”, which means it is quite a bit tamer, but every bit as stupid, as the Continental films. For no real reason (other than a sorry attempt at classiness), it is set in the 1920’s “Flapper” era. It is basically about a young girl who returns home from boarding to school to discover that her widowed mother, her mother’s friends, and even her timid maid are all (gasp!) sexually active. She plots to lose her own virginity, first to a brash young pilot, but ultimately to a bisexual female painter and her husband, and. . .well, that’s about it.

The principal asset(with emphasis on the first three letters of the word)of this film is the beautiful Koo Stark, who would have been the Ducchess of York if not for the scandal surrounding her appearance in films like this. Stark is not much more talented than Sylvia Kristel, Laura Gemser, et. al., but she is at least halfway believable as a naive virgin. She also might (with big emphasis on “might”)be one of the few European actresses of the era whose full-frontal nude scenes are worth the pain of sitting through this kind of pretentious Euro-tripe. Recommended for all the drooling sex fiends out there if no one else.

Quote:The Shower is the highlight
historian6430 January 2008
If watching this for a great storyline, acting, writing, or character development, your definitely not watching for the right reasons. It’s an el cheapo sex film, nothing more, nothing less. Of course, it’s famous for the shower scene with Koo Stark and Ina Skiver. Much has been said by posters here about Koo Stark, but what about Ina Skivner. She had a fine, smooth figure, free of the the tattoos and hardware that seen in the “After Hours” stuff on Showtime and it’s On Demand feature in digital cable. Remember, this movie was made just as the exercise boom was getting off the ground. Also, I liked the way Agustine smiled when Emily called for the massage. You get the impression that maybe she asked Emily to pose in a manner that a crick in the neck would occur.