The Suckers (1972)

Director: Stu Segall

Starring: Sandy Dempsey, Norman Fields, Barbara Mills, Jim Pannin, Laurie Rose, Richard Smedley, Lyle Vann, Steve Vincent

Plot: A rich and powerful big-game hunter tires of tracking and killing animals, and gets an idea–he will invite the owners of a model agency he knows and two of their models to be guests on his estate for the weekend, and use them as the objects of his latest hunt.

IMDB comment: This is really, just not good enough. I have seen other ‘Vinegar Syndrome’ and this is pretty inferior. Anthony Spinelli’s, ‘Confessions’, for instance, screams 70s cinema and tells a simple story, with heavy scenes of sex without insulting one’s intelligence. Here the scenes are too slow and too long – maybe cutting this down to 60 minutes might have been an idea – and there is too much dialogue, which is all bad.
The girls are nice enough and the early scenes OK to begin with but then this 70s sexploitation take on ‘A Dangerous Game’ does take till beyond halfway to even get to the actual hunt. There is some novelty in the capturing but nothing like it could have been. As for the title, I assume this is a reference to the easily deceived, although I suppose it might be intended as a double meaning and be suggesting even more of what it doesn’t deliver.