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The Jubilee of Eroticism (1985)

Four vignettes of erotic, hot situations! The Temporal World: The Temporal World is a most unusual and unique short film. It’s about a chance encounter – two total strangers meet and make love in a construction site, only to find out later that it was all part of an arrangement by someone else. The Hitchhiker: A hitchhiker finds sexual heat in back of a van. Eric Edwards plays the surprised hitchhiker-and surprised he is. The man who gives him the ride has his wife and daughter (from a previous marriage) getting it on in the back. The man encourages the hitchhiker not only to watch, but to participate. It’s every hitchhiker’s dream come true. Pretty Girls of California: We meet a host of gorgeous models and nymphets. This is girls who want to show their bodies – and boy, do they do it well. Other attractions in this very special Collector’s Video include Mediterranean Erotica in which some of Europe’s most gorgeous girls reveal themselves! It’s fun and frolic aboard a luxury yacht off the coast of Cannes in the South of France. And it’s photographed in the very French and erotic style of the Europeans. Sizzling compilation tape!!

  • Scene 1. Heather Wayne, Eric Edwards
  • Scene 2. Heather Wayne, Jay Serling
  • Scene 3. Heather Thomas, Kristara Barrington, Eric Edwards
  • Scene 4. Robin Cannes
  • Scene 5. 6 girls
  • Scene 6. 2 girls
  • Scene 7. Lana Burner
  • Scene 8. Ami Rodgers
  • Scene 9. Christy Canyon