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Jouissances très spéciales (1978)

Alternate Titles
Essaie-moi partout video re-release title
Petites chattes sans culottes
Petits trous déchirés et bouches accueillantes re-release title
Salopes par derrière RayonX (Fil à Film) video release title
  1. Claude Janna with Charlie Schreiner.
  2. Jenny Feeling with Richard Lemieuvre.
  3. Liliane Lemieuvre sucking unidentified male organ.
  4. Elisabeth Buré with Alban Ceray and Charlie Schreiner.
  5. Jenny Feeling with Alban Ceray.
  6. Jocelyne Clairis dancing naked in front of unidentified man in some sort of peepshow.
  7. Claude Janna with Richard Lemieuvre and Charlie Schreiner among flower petals. This scene was used as a hard insert at the beginning of Le journal érotique d’un bûcheron.
  8. Elisabeth Buré masturbating on the floor, surrounded by bank notes and using one of them.
  9. Jenny Feeling masturbating with a dildo in her bathroom in front of Alban Ceray, then sucking him.
  10. Elisabeth Buré raped by Charlie Schreiner.
  11. Jenny Feeling with Alban Ceray.
  12. Liliane Lemieuvre masturbating with a corn cob in a black bathroom, joined by masturbating Jacques Gatteau who comes on the cob.