Candy Lips (1976)

Candy Lips is the story of a young woman’s search for sexual satisfaction without guilt or fear. In her early years, Susan remembers her upsetting home life, which she endured until she made her bid for freedom and went to college. Frustrated by her broken home, she desperately tries to realign her sensitivity, only to be disrupted time and again by the new morality of her recent college atmosphere. It is sometime later that Susan meets Gloria; an artist both in her painting and life style who introduces her to a new and healthy view of sex. As the film ends, we see that Susan has matured with understanding, and is determined to make her life one of fulfillment and happiness.

Director: Cecil B. Damil

  • April May
  • Dominata
  • Gloria Leonard
  • Jeanette Sinclair
  • Lois Luv
  • Marlene Willoughby
  • Suzanne McBain
  • Blaine Edmonds
  • Hershel Savage
  • Jack Teague
  • Ras Kean
  • Richard Pecker
  • Tony Austin
  • Scene 1. Suzanne McBain, Ras Kean
  • Scene 2. brun, Jack Teague
  • Scene 3. girl, Jack Teague
  • Scene 4. brun, girl, Suzanne McBain
  • Scene 5. guy, Gloria Leonard
  • Scene 6. guy, Hershel Savage, Marlene Willoughby
  • Scene 7. guy, Suzanne McBain
  • Scene 8. 2 guys, brun, girl
  • Scene 9. guy, Gloria Leonard, Suzanne McBain, Ras Kean
  • Scene 10. 2 guys, Suzanne McBain
  • Scene 11. Gloria Leonard, Suzanne McBain
  • Scene 12. guy, Gloria Leonard, Suzanne McBain
  • Scene 13. Gloria Leonard, Suzanne McBain, Ras Kean