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Hostage Girls (1984)

Yes there are girls, and yes they are held hostage, but HOSTAGE GIRLS (shot on 35mm film just as the form was being rapidly being replaced by video) is not a violent or rough picture. It’s merely facetious porn from the prolific Ron Sullivan/Henri Pachard.

Roommates Taija Rae, Brooke Fields and Renee Summers are fledgling actresses, whose apartment is taken over by 3 escaped convicts from the porn road company of THE DESPERATE HOURS (actually from Attica, this being a strictly East Coast production). These motley criminals consist of Joey Silvera, George Payne and the little-known Klaus Multia. Dick Howard and Jerry Butler are boyfriends of the gals who also figure in the plot.

Fllm falls apart midway as Pachard (credited with a pseudonym -Jackson St. Louis for obvious reasons) heads for farce rather than the bondage one would expect in a movie with Payne and Silvera as the bad guys. Not so lucky is a friend of mine at the time, screenwriter Rick Marx who is credited under his real name. An odd touch is the end credits are not printed but rather voiced over by a sexy femme narrator.